Magazzino - Galliani & Sistemi S.p.a.


Founded over 50 years ago, our company processes and markets all types of semi-finished products in non-ferrous metals. We are market leaders in the distribution of profiles, bars, coils, plates and other metal products and we represent a historic player in the field of Italian metallurgy.

We currently manage over 4,000 clients, from small to large companies.

Our headquarters are in Quarto Inferiore (BO) and there are two Sales Offices located in Venice and Perugia.


With over a century of experience in the production and marketing of non-ferrous alloys, the Gallianindustrie Group is one of the major Italian companies engaged in metalworking and one of the main international players.

The Group is made up of various companies with a common vision based on the ability to understand customer needs, the continuous changes in the markets and the required technological evolution, a set of characteristics that allows for constant improvement of the industrial capacity.

These characteristics, combined with the common philosophy of excellence as a requirement to always guarantee to the customer, have allowed the constant expansion of the Group, exporting the quality of Italian production to highly specialized markets all over the world.

Gallianindustrie - Galliani & Sistemi S.p.a.
Qualità - Galliani & Sistemi S.p.a.


Together with the experience gained over the years, attention to detail and product quality control, an added value of the company is represented by the acquisition on 05/12/2012 of the ISO 9001:2008 certification which ensures effective quality management thus helping to raise the degree of customer satisfaction.


Our Warehouse in Quarto Inferiore, with an area of ​​over 8,000 square meters, guarantees the availability of a wide range of products.

Our catalog currently has about 7,000 items.

Magazzino - Galliani & Sistemi S.p.a.