Composite Panels

EN AW 3105 EN AW Al Mn 0,5 Mg 0,5
EN AW 5005 EN AW Al Mg 1 (B)

The STACBOND® composite panel is a composite material of two aluminum sheets and an inner mineral filler core. It has excellent mechanical properties, providing flexural rigidity with reduced weight, surface flatness, durability and ease of maintenance.

It is specially designed for both newly-built ventilated facades and for their renovation or rehabilitation. It provides solutions adaptable to all fields of architecture.

Its manufacturing standard is made up of an outer sheet of aluminum alloy 5005 and an inner one of 3105. There are two different cores available depending on their mineral load being able to be fireproof or fireproof , and being classified (in accordance with the UNE 13501-1: 2007 standard) as A2-s1, d0 (STACBOND® A2) and B-s1, d0.

It has a wide range of colors, brightness, textures and natural finishes. In addition, it can be supplied in any color from the RAL / PANTONE / NCS charts. Consult us without obligation.

The STACBOND® composite panel is available in multiple standard dimensions up to 2000mm wide. Other dimensions can be supplied on request.

Composit panels

Aluminum substructure

EN AW 6060 EN AW Al Mg Si
Upright in extruded aluminum in 6060 alloy specifically designed to satisfy the vast range of architectural solutions with coupling block with EPDM anti-vibration gasket.

The extruded profile can be supplied oxidized silver/black or alternatively painted to protect it from corrosion and to reduce the aesthetic impact of the facade. While the block is supplied standard oxidized black.

Aluminium substrucure
Aluminium substrucure