Profili alluminio a disegno

Made to measure aluminium profiles

With 4 extrusion presses and over 30,000 tons of annual production, the two main production companies of the Group are in Bologna, a few kilometers from our headquarters, and in Teramo.

In Bologna there is also a mechanical processing department integrated with the production, to allow us to provide the customer with the most complete service possible, optimizing timing.



The technical office is always available to the customer, in the study and design of custom dies specification, making the know-how and experience of over 50 years of activity constantly available.

The following aluminum alloys are extruded:

  • EN AW-6060 [AI MgSi]
  • EN AW-6063 [AI MgO,7$i]
  • EN AW-6005A [AI SiMg]
  • EN AW-6082 [AI Si1MgMn]

The presses in use today are:

Press 1800 tons. in Bologna
Press 2200 tons. in Bologna
Press 2350 tons. in Teramo
Press 4400 tons. in Teramo



All stages of production are constantly monitored and these checks also extend to external suppliers who are subject to periodic review by the company’s quality control department. The traceability of each product of Gruppo Profilati is guaranteed by the application of all the phases indicated in the internal quality control manual, which all the company departments follow in carrying out their duties.

  • Chemical analysis of alloys
  • Dimensional verification with optical systems
  • Dimensional verification with automated optical scanning systems
  • Dimensional verification with manual measurement systems
  • Brinell hardness control
  • Heat treatment thickness control

Both plants have achieved the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification, furthermore Profilati Spa obtained compliance with the UNI EN 15088:2006 standard in 2017, making the company suitable for satisfying customer requests for the issuance of the brand CE, for profiles intended for structural uses.

Profilati Spa
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